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    Metal gear acid, acid 2, solid portable ops, cheats


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    Metal gear acid, acid 2, solid portable ops, cheats

    Post by szparckie on Sun Jun 14, 2009 12:25 pm

    Metal gear acid
    Card Passwords

    Enter these codes into the PASSWORD menu on the main screen, then load your save file to add the card to your collection.

    (Codes are not case sensitive)

    VIPER - Card 173, Viper
    (adds EQUIP DESTROY to weapon)

    MIKA - Card 178, Mika Slayton
    (lose 2 cards in hand, ally draws 3 cards)

    KAREN - Card 182, Karen Houjou
    (draw 3 cards, ally loses 2 cards in hand)

    JEHUTY - Card 184, Jehuty
    (Removes enemy equipment)

    XMEIGHT - Card 199, XM8
    (Machine gun with random status effect)

    KOBE - Card 200, Yuka Kosaka
    (Plays video clip, makes user bleed)

    UMEDA - Card 201, Asaki Yoshida
    (Plays video clip, makes user bleed)

    YEBISU - Card 202, Yuu Saito
    (Plays video clip, makes user bleed)

    ROPPONGI - Card 203, Eri Shibuya
    (Plays video clip, makes user bleed)


    Beat the game once (any difficulty) to receive the 164 - Solid Snake (MG) card. Multiples of this card can then be bought from the card shop.

    Beat the game twice (any difficulty) to receive the 161 - Raiden card. Multiples of this card can then be bought from the card shop.

    Metal Gear Acid 2
    Cheat: Unlockable Cards

    Enter the following codes into the password menu to unlock cards

    Jehuty Card:

    XM8 Card:

    Mika Slayton Card:

    Viper Card:

    Karen Hojo Card:

    Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops
    Character Passwords (NTSC Version)
    At the password screen, enter the following:

    R.R.R. - Unlock Ocelot.
    PK +ESP - Unlock Ursual.
    E.APPLE - Unlock Eva.
    !TRAUMER - Unlock Ga-Ko.
    ERBE - Unlock Gene.
    JUNKER - Unlock Cunningham.
    THE-L - Unlock Elisa.
    1+2-3 - Unlock Major Zero.
    Hunter-n - Unlocks Null.
    PM-EMS - Unlock Paramedic.
    LQ.N2 - Unlock Python.
    IVN =RV - Unlock Raikov.
    DARPA-1 - Unlock Sigint.
    SATURNV - Unlock Solokov.
    T.F-ACID - Unlock Teliko.
    MGA2VE - Unlock Venus.

    To unlock the relevant characters, complete the following tasks:

    Cunningham: On any difficulty, defeat Cunningham through stamina and complete the game before 1971. He will be available next game.

    Elisa: Unlock Elisa after getting a Medic level of 80.

    Gene: Stamina kill Gene and recruit 200 soldiers in the same game.

    Major Zero: On your second playthrough, he will be available, if you have a MGS:DGN save on the same stick.

    Null: Kill him on the second battle and he'll be available on your second playthrough.

    Para Medic: On the Comm Tower stage, contact her. She need rescuing in the Hospital stage, place spies there as well.

    Python: Stamina kill

    Raikov: Get spies in the Western Wilderness, then complete the Guard House mission. You should receive a report after the Guard House mission.

    Sigint: When Snake is captured and rescued, contact Signit on the Comm Tower stage, then rescue him in town.

    Sokolov: Give Sokolov the Saturn V blueprints

    Teliko: Have an Acid save on your memory stick, and Teliko will be available on your second playthrough

    Venus: Have an Acid 2 save on your stick, and Venus will be available on your second playthrough.

    Additional Unlockables: Beating the game unlocks the Extreme Difficulty mode Beating the game with a combined Tech level of 99 unlocks the Stealth Camo.

    *There is no space after the plus sign.


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